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  • The "wave" perimeter of this vase is an indigenous design inspired by nearby Lake Patzcuaro, a  few kilometers from our artists' village.  This vase is a striking sculptural object.
    • SIZE: 11" wide x 9.5" high
    • Free Shipping in the continental US.
  • This vase is striking as a sculptural object and also serves beautifully as a centerpiece for your table.
    • SIZE: 10" high x 8" wide
    • Free Shipping in the continental US.
  • The fall issue of American Bungalow Magazine featured our interpretation of a vase from Marblehead Pottery (Massachusetts 1906-36). Marblehead Pottery sponsored  a craft-therapy program that was so successful it became an independent commercial enterprise within a year.
    • SIZE: 9" high x 8" wide
    • Free Shipping in the continental US.
  • Grueby Faience Company was founded in 1894 by William Grueby who was inspired by the matte glazes on French pottery, particularly the cucumber green that became the company's hallmark, and the refined simplicity of Japanese ceramics. In its heyday Grueby was sold through Tiffany Studios in New York City and Gustav Stickley who incorporated their tiles in his furniture. Alas, due to bankruptcy, a fire and eventual sale the company closed for good in 1920. This beauty measures 12" high and has a subtle, abstracted leaf and pod design in repousse.
    • SIZE: 12" high
    • Free Shipping in the continental US.
  • Master Smith, Antonio Ziranda made this beautiful vase that was inspired by the pineapple ("pina" in Espanol) fruit. It measures 8" high x 10" at the widest and is one-of-a-kind.
    • SIZE: 8" high x 10" at widest
    • Free Shipping in the continental US
  • This is a scaled up version of our popular "Camellia Bowl."  It's the perfect scale for large dining tables and coffee tables.
    • 16.5" wide x 5" high
    • Free Shipping in the continental US.
  • Crafted by Master Smith Antonio Ziranda, this beauty was inspired by squash grown in the gardens of Santa Clara del Cobre where our artists live.  This design has been in our collection since we started Cobre Copper in 1994 - 25 years ago!
    • SIZE: 12" at widest x 6.5" high
    • Free Shipping in the continental US.
  • I was surprised to discover this contemporary design at the Copper  Museum in Santa Clara del Cobre years ago. The director said  Antonio Ziranda was the creator and that's how I came to know him and he now makes the entire Cobre Collector Series. At 12" high x 12" wide it's yours for  $325.
    • Size: 12" tall x 12" wide
  • Sale!
    This hand hammered copper pitcher is a scaled down version of the 17" pitcher in our “Collector Series Architectural Accents” collection.  It measures 14" high x 9.5" at the widest and is one of the most dramatic pieces in our line. It's a favorite among collectors, architects, and designers. The oval footprint of the pitcher allows it to be displayed on a shelf as narrow as 6 inches, such as a fireplace mantle or bookshelf.
    • SIZE: 14" high  9.5" at widest
    • Free Shipping in the continental US.
    • Sorry! No additional discounts on sale items.
  • This hammered copper vase is part of our "Master Series Architectural Accents" because of the heroic scale and weight of the work (9+ pounds). The inspiration for this vase was a ceramic Teco vase we saw during our first visit to the Frank Lloyd Wright Home and Studio in Oak Park, Illinois many years ago.  Treat this vase as sculpture and place it in a niche or fireplace setting.  Click the additional image below to see how Wright might have used this in one of his famous "branch" arrangements.
    The American Terra Cotta Tile and Ceramic Company was founded in 1881 (originally as Spring Valley Tile Works). It became the country's first manufactury of architectural terra cotta in 1889. The owner used these facilities to experiment with clays and glazes attempting to design a line of art pottery which led to the introduction of Teco Pottery.
    The pottery shapes derived from line and color rather than elaborate decoration. Many of their designs were the work of several Chicago architects that were involved in the Prairie School style as expressed by Frank Lloyd Wright. Any ornamentation consisted of geometrical or natural objects.
    In October 1929 part of the business closed due to the stock market crash and later the plant fell victim to the Great Depression and operations ceased. They resumed production of structural clay products through 1966.
    • SIZE: 18" high (5" wide at  mouth and 8.25" wide at base)
  • When we first saw this beauty we had to have it.  The squash is made by Master Smith Antonio Ziranda and has an elegant, surreal quality to it. We've had one at home for years and never tire of it.
    • SIZE: 18.5" high x 12" at the widest
    • We only have one left
    • Free Shipping in the continental US.
  • Some of you have asked if I would offer one-of a-kind pieces for the upcoming gift giving season. Mastersmith Antonio Ziranda created this beauty in August for the annual Concourso at Santa Clara del Cobre, a prestigious contest where only the most talented coppersmiths need apply. An excellent example of collector quality, this beauty measures 12" high and 10" at the widest.  $500
    • Size: 12" high x 10" wide
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