Jose Luis Cruz Parra

I met Jose Luis in the spring of 2012 by way of his brother, Jose Maria. Jose Maria started giving Jose Luis my sink orders; a common practice in Mexico is to keep the business within extended family. When Jose Luis told me, “I can make anything!” we started branching out to vases, boxes, repousse, bowls and more. He is quite talented.

Jose Luis was born in Santa Clara in August 1965 and has spent his whole life there. He learned the copper trade from his father and older brother, Jose Maria. When he’s not making my orders, his other specialty is copper teapots with silver trim. I am his only client except for the stores that buy his copper and silver teapots.

For fun the family likes to go to the beach and go out to eat! Some of his favorite foods are carne asada, borrego en chilado (lamb in chilis), carnitas and the local specialty, corundas.

Jose Luis and Susan during October 2019 visit

Jose Luis Cruz Parra

Jose Luis with his wife, Maria Rosario, and two daughters.

Jose Luis Cruz Parra

Jose Luis hammering copper.

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