Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I put water in my copper vase?
Yes, our copper vases are water tight. However, water will eventually discolor the finish on the inside of the vase. If your vase has a wide mouth opening, the discoloration will be visible. We are happy to seal the inside surface of the vase so it will not discolor. Just ask us!

Can I use my copper tray for serving food? 
It is not advised to put food in direct contact with copper.  You will need to line your copper tray with clear plastic or glass to keep the food from coming in contact with the copper. A simple solution is to use large lettuce leaves as a base under your food.

Do I need to polish my copper? What should I use?
We recommend that you DON’T polish your copper pieces. Polishing will diminish the unique heat patina finish. If your copper develops a dull finish, a fine steel wool or a coarse-napped terry cloth can be used to restore its luster.

Why isn’t my copper shiny?
Cobre copper is crafted using a centuries-old bonfire method. The copper is heated in a bonfire and then worked with hammers to create the designs. The flame, ash and soot from this process produces a rich chestnut heat patina finish.  By the way, this bonfire method is completely natural.  No chemicals are used to achieve the patina.

Where does the copper come from?
The artisans live and work in the highlands of Michoacan in Central Mexico. Years ago there were active copper mines in the region, but they have been closed for decades.  All our copper is reclaimed scrap copper–very earth-friendly!

Is the copper pure?
The copper is 99.9% pure.

Are the pieces made from a mold?
No molds are used. The artists use a pattern and individually craft each piece by hand, hammered from a single piece of copper.

Copper Sink FAQ’s

What will happen to the finish of my copper sink when I use it? 
We seal the finish of your copper sink before shipping to protect the surface from water and food. We include a free jar of the sealer with your order. When the seal is in place, water will bead on the surface of the copper. Over time, the beading will diminish. When you notice this, it is time to reapply the sealer.

Your copper sink has a heat patina finish. It is a “living” finish, which means it will change over time depending on use.

Minimize contact with certain foods: citrus (lemons, limes, oranges, etc.), vinegar and alcohol spirits, as they can leave a shiny spot. If any of these foods are in your sink, rinse the sink quickly and thoroughly with water. If a shiny spot does appear, it will oxidize quickly (a couple of weeks). After it darkens, reseal the spot with the sealer.

Where do I get the hardware to go with my copper sink? 
The best place to go is your local kitchen and bath showroom. They have access to the catalogs of all the major hardware manufacturers, as well as samples and expertise.

How long do I have to wait for my sink? 
All of our copper sinks are in stock, and ready to ship. We offer expedited UPS shipping (1-, 2- or 3-day service).

Can I get a copper sink in a custom size? 
All of our sink designs can be sized up or sized down for a custom fit. Contact [email protected] for a quote.

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