• We haven't offered this vase for several years but Antonio Ziranda sent me a small edition and we have just ONE left! The inspiration for this sculptural vase is a Teco Pottery vase I saw at the Frank Lloyd Wright Home & Studio, Oak Park, Illinois.           JUST 1 LEFT!
    • SIZE: 12" high x 4" wide at base x 3" wide at mouth
    • Free shipping in the continental US!
  • This hand hammered copper vase was inspired by a piece in Frank Lloyd Wright's private collection which was originally created in 1909 by a Russian coppersmith.
    • 9" high (base 3.15" wide, flared mouth 4" wide)
    • Free Shipping in the continental U.S.
  • Grueby Faience Company was founded in 1894 by William Grueby who was inspired by the matte glazes on French pottery, particularly the cucumber green that became the company's hallmark, and the refined simplicity of Japanese ceramics. In its heyday Grueby was sold through Tiffany Studios in New York City and Gustav Stickley who incorporated their tiles in his furniture. Alas, due to bankruptcy, a fire and eventual sale the company closed for good in 1920. This beauty measures 12" high and has a subtle, abstracted leaf and pod design in repousse.
    • SIZE: 12" high
    • Free Shipping in the continental US.
  • Potters and metalsmiths of the Arts and Crafts period loved to work with this classic organic form. This photo of the vase and magnolia blossom has been a Cobre icon for more than 20 years.
    • 5.5" wide x 3.5" high
    • Free Shipping in the continental US.
    • No additional discounts
  • Every few years Master Coppersmith Antonio Ziranda makes a small edition of this "Etched Arrowhead"  vase.  This beauty measures 9" high x 9.5" at the widest and is heirloom quality. We have just ONE left!         SIZE: 9" high x 9.5" at the widest
  • Antonio Ziranda made a small edition of this gracefully fluted vase, our first offering for 2024! When we first introduced this vase years ago, scouts for "Martha Stewart Living" spotted it. Later that year it was featured in the magazine - beautifully styled of course!
    • 12" high x 8.5" at the widest
    • $325
  • Sale!

    Hand-hammered Copper “Roycroft-style” Vase

    Original price was: $180.00.Current price is: $155.00.
    Our new vase was created by Antonio Ziranda and was inspired by a circa 1915 Roycroft 1915 vase.
    • SIZE: 8" high x 4.75" wide
    • Free Shipping in the continental US
    • Sorry, no additonal discounts on sale items.
  • With its graceful curve and full opening, our copper pot will make your favorite plant look extra special. Perfect with a mini poinsettia!  
    • SIZE: 6" high x 6" widest
    • Free Shipping in the continental US
  • I first visited Santa Clara del Cobre in Michoacan, Mexico in the 1980s, a village that has worldwide fame for its copperwork. During subsequent trips, I always made time to visit the Museo Nacional del Cobre, a wonderful place to see the best of the best, full of award winning masterpieces that date back decades.   It was during one of those visits that this bowl caught my eye.  I was immediately fascinated with the organic pre-Hispanic design, its full belly implying abundance. I had to find the artist! It took a bit of digging but eventually I met Master Coppersmith Antonio Ziranda and thus began our working relationship. The original bowl is huge, 20" wide. I asked Antonio to create a scaled down version and it is beautiful.
    • SIZE: 4.25" high x 6.75" widest
    • Free Shipping in the continental US
  • Sale!

    Hand-hammered Copper Classic Contemporary Vase

    Original price was: $165.00.Current price is: $130.00.
    In the early days of Cobre Copper a local furniture dealer wanted a few classic  hammered copper vases to complement their furniture gallery. This is one of the designs they asked us to make and it was so popular it became a staple in their store for years. Antonio Ziranda has created a small edition and it's just as beautiful today as it was 30 years ago.
    • SIZE: 8" high x 4.25" at the widest
    • Free Shipping in the continental US
    • Sorry, no additional discounts on sale items
  • This sculptural bowl created by Master Smith Antonio Ziranda was inspired by the work of Dirk Van Erp (circa 1920). It makes a beautiful centerpiece bowl.
    • SIZE: 10" wide x 5" high
    • Free Shipping in the continental US.
  • It's that time of year again and our new "Sweetheart" vase  makes a romantic surprise for that special person in your life. Mastersmith Antonio Ziranda has beautifully crafted this elegant vase, the perfect complement for a special bouquet.
    • SIZE: 10" high x 2.75" at the widest, mouth 1.5" wide
    • Free Shipping in the continental US
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