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Juan Alberto Ziranda Tinoco

Juan Alberto Ziranda Tinoco

Juan in his workshop with a new design we are introducing this fall, inspired by a Benedict Art Studios umbrella stand, circa 1907.

When Juan was two his family left Mexico to find a new life in Northern California. Juan is happily married to Guadalupe Ziranda and they have three sons. Worried about his immigration status, Juan returned with his son, Julian, to Santa Clara in 2015 leaving his wife and two boys behind in the States. Inspired by stories of his grandfather’s work he Juan Ziranda and Familybegan his journey into the world of copper. He appreciates the fine detail work required for Cobre Copper which he says has helped him become more successful with his other customers too! I look forward to meeting Juan when I am in Santa Clara next spring for Semana Santa (Easter). For fun Juan likes to take his son Julian to the city of Morelia to see the movies and visit the zoo.

Juan Ziranda was born April 1989 in Santa Clara and started working for me in the winter of 2018. Juan comes from a long line of master copper smiths and even though Juan is new to this trade he has a passion for it.

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